My Reaction To Beyonce’s Homecoming!

  Okay I must start this entry by saying that I Clarissa am no way shape or form part of the beyhive,  so my opinions are completely unbiased. Beyonce being the first African American women to headline Coachella with this 2018 performance is what prompted me to watch. I did not understand how monumental that [...]


Black Owned Brands You Should Support Right NOW!!

I'll start this entry by admitting that I was not always conscientious of my buying power as a black Women. Women of color are starting to have more influence across all industries in addition to how these top brands market to us. Realizing and understanding that my dollar contributes to the $1.2 trillion dollars spent [...]

What Does This Ban Against Natural Hair Discrimination Really Mean For New Yorkers

Earlier this year the New York City Commission on Human  Rights released new guidelines that now protect people of color who wear natural hair styles from discrimination. Whether it be in the workplace, school or other public places, the people who indulge in natural hair styling can FINALLY do so without people giving them the [...]

My Ode To The Air Max

I was highly inspired by a recent event I attended at Foot Locker in Times Square. The affair was their way of celebrating Women's History Month or as they put it "Women's Kickstory Month". Now if you know Clarissa then you know how much of a sneaker girl I am and will always be, so [...]